Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way I can try Market Ready before paying for it?

There is a free 10 day trial available upon signing up. As long as you cancel within 10 days your credit card will not be charged.

Can I add my own room recommendations?

Yes!  Our report has the option of expanding on any of our preset options, or you can add your own recommendations for each room.

How many photos can I add and what size do they need to be?

You can upload up to four photos per room.  You do not need to resize your photos.  Market Ready will do that for you.  The larger the photo, however, the longer the download time will be.

I do not have an iPad or access to mobile internet. Do you have a room by room checklist that I can take on my consultations?

We do not have a checklist, however you can make a “Report Checklist” by adding every room and selecting each likely recommendation then printing the PDF.  Saving the report in the system will allow you to access it anytime you need it.

Do I have to have a mobile internet device to use Market Ready?

NO!  Many of our users complete the reports at their PC, laptop or Mac at the end of the day. While the program works well with most mobile devices it is not a requirement.

I’m having difficulty uploading my logo. What am I doing wrong?

All photos, including logos must be in jpg, png, or gif format.

Can I change the layout of the cover sheet?

Currently you cannot change the layout of the cover sheet; however you can change the content of any of the fields. As the site progresses we will be adding options for more customization.

Can I attach my quotes with the consultation?

You cannot add quotes when emailing from Market Ready. You can save the report as a PDF on your computer and send with a quote from your regular email account.

My clients are used to receiving a fully customized report. I’ve used other booklets and checklists and have been unhappy with the quality of the report. How is Market Ready different?

Because Market Ready only adds the rooms and recommendations that you select, your report will be completely reflective of ONLY your recommendations. Your clients will never see any of the possible selections that were not chosen.

When I email the report from Market Ready, how will it appear to my client?

Because some of the reports are very large and not all internet companies will deliver files of this size, the report is delivered via a downloadable link. It is recommended that you always copy yourself on the report so that you know how and when your client has received it.