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  1. Market Ready home staging consultation program
  2. Market Ready home staging consultation program

For years we, as an industry, have struggled to find a way to make written reports make sense time wise.

Many stagers have resorted to “walk and talks” because the process has been so daunting and time consuming.  Of course the problem here is that we have to hope that homeowners actually hear what we said, not what they think we said.  Agents sometimes regret not getting reports – after all, many use these as “insurance” months later when the homeowners have neglected our recommendations.

Other stagers have created checklists that they can do on the spot.  While this saves time, it also doesn’t feel as personalized or professional as a fully customized report.  Sellers and agents can see all of the recommendations that didn’t apply and may even wonder sometimes if they all they really needed was a copy of the checklist – not the stager – and they could have done the work.  (Now of course we know this isn’t the case, only their perception.)

What if you could do a fully customized report in as little time as a checklist?  What if you could do it from your mobile device, iPad, or anywhere you had the internet?

Now you can!!


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